Ray-Pec Robotic's Activity Tent

The Festival in the Park is thrilled to partner AGAIN with the Ray-Pec Robotics to provide children a chance to interact, create and learn different ways electricity and metal can work together!  

Robotic Button.jpg

Sparky Badge 2018

For $5 - Children can create a badge that will change LED lights - Sparky. (There will be assists from a Ray-Pec Robotic Member. )

Or you may purchase a completed button. 

All the proceeds from the buttons go to the Ray-Pec Robotics.

Connect the Power

Snap logic boards will also be available so kids can spend time with the
robotics team and learn to make simple electric circuits.

There will also be other various activities.


T-shirt cannon robot

There will be a t-shirt cannon robot shooting shirts out for kids to chase. This cannon was built by our Ray-Pec Robotics Team. (Only Ray-Pec Robotics members will be operating the cannon.)


Ray-Pec Robotic's Mission

Team 2357 System Meltdown, competes in a competition hosted by FIRST every year. Our dedicated members then put their minds together to create a robot to compete, market the team, and develop the team's imagery.

They also put our best efforts forward, through all times of the year, to reach out to our community and promote STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education.