Bicycle Safety Rodeo

Saturday, September 21st, 2019

The start of Safety Rodeo.jpg

Time: 10:30am (duration depends on number of participants)

Location:  West Shelter House @ Memorial Park (off Park Court)

Ages: 5yrs - 11yrs old (child needs to be able to ride without help from an adult).

Fee: FREE   

Need: Bicycle & Helmet

All participants will be eligible for drawings for PRIZES!!!

What is a Bicycle safety rodeo?

-A fun way to teach children the skills and precautions to ride a bicycle safely

-Their bicycle will be inspected to see if there is anything unsafe about the bike (examples: unsafe tires, loose connectors, too small or too big for the child).

-There will be a short speech about bicycle safety

-Then the children will go to various stations where they will have to ride safely through. Some examples include: mounting and dismounting the bicycle, changing direction and turning in circles, steering through tight spaces & weaving, having the ability to stop quickly, riding the bicycle very slowly while maintaining balance.

Kid during Rodeo.jpg

For more information contact Tabitha at

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