1. All contestants are equal. There is no distinction between professional or amateur classification of teams for this contest.

2. A team will consist of a Head Cook and up to 4 assistant cooks. Each team will provide their own cooking pit, grill, smoker, or a China Box to be used exclusively by that team and within the team's designated cooking area. The use of a single pit or cooking device by more than one team is permitted. All cooking of the meat shall be done in the Team's assigned cooking area. There will be a team meeting at 9:00 am.

3. BBQ teams may begin setting up your booth and cooking area on Saturday September 21st starting at 6:00 am. Booth setup must be completed by 9:00 am the day of the competition.

4. Cooking of any kind may not begin until an official Meat Inspector has inspected the meat. All meat must start out raw but may be marinated or seasoned before the meat inspection. Meat inspection starts at 7:00 am the day of the competition. Once the meat has been inspected it must remain in your designated cooking area. If your team plans to use a slow smoker and needs more time to cook then you may arrange for an earlier meat inspection and starting time in advance with the contest officials. Contact David at (816) 217-2067.

5. The meat may be marinated or seasoned prior to the meat inspection but in no way precooked, par boiled, deep fried, or smoked before your meat inspection. All meat must be in a raw state at the time of the meat inspection & 40 degrees (F) or below.

6. All of your BBQ competition entries must be cooked over a charcoal, or natural wood fire. No electric, propane or gas fires are permitted. Electrical devices, propane or gas may be used to start your fire initially. Once the fire is started the propane or gas cylinders must be removed from the cooking area. Electric motor driven spot devices are permitted, as well as hand operated devices. The team is responsible for providing any and all electrical power that you may require.

7. All fires must be contained within a grill, smoker or pit, homemade or commercial, or a China Box. You must take care to assure that the fire is well contained and that hot ashes and cinders from the fire do not escape the cooking pit. Tops and side covers are required on all fires to prevent blowing ash and cinders.

8. Each team will have a minimum of one fire extinguisher in the cooking area at all times. The extinguisher must be valid and in date with good pressure registering in the green zone of the extinguisher gauge. The Fire Marshall and Meat Inspectors will check every extinguisher for the expiration date.

9. You must clean your cooking area immediately after the competition is completed. Discard and place all of you cooking ashes in a steel barrel provided by the promoters of the event. Remove all cooking equipment, paper, food and waste. Leave nothing behind, leave the area as it was given to you or in better condition. Take special care and precautions to prevent spilling any grease. We recommend you have a metal dustpan or shovel and broom to assist you in cleaning you area. Have at least one big trash can in your area with trash bags.

10. Teams will also be judged on Showmanship. The judging criteria will include the appearance and cleanliness of your booth, how well it is decorated, team uniforms or costumes, entertainment for the public (i.e.) music, dancing, skits...Music must be kept at a level that does not interfere or overpower the competitors in your area. Discretion of noise level is totally at the discretion of the Judges. No fireworks or firearms are allowed. The use of tobacco products is not permitted in the cooking area. The use of any controlled substances is not permitted and will be grounds for disqualification of the team.

11. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed during the competition by team members. The head cook is responsible for their team, all guest and friends in their respective cooking areas. Behavior unbecoming to the event by a team member or any guest may be grounds for disqualification of the team. Teams may not distribute or give our any alcohol beverages to the public. Be a good BBQ Ambassador. Safety and cleanliness are paramount.

12. Please show respect for our sponsors that support the contest. Do not show or openly display any products that compete with our sponsor's product.

13. There will be a 15 minute window of opportunity for turning in your BBQ entries for each category. The Head Cook is responsible for turning in the entries or assigning a designated runner and knowing the schedule turn in times. Entries will not be accepted before or after the designated 15 minute turn in time. No advance notification will be given to the teams that it is turn in time. Consult the rules booklet for turn in times or you will find it posted at the judges station. All entries will be turned in at the Judges station Turn in Table, and at the same location for every category of the competition.

14. All categories except Showmanship count towards the Grand Champion overall scores.

15. Each team will submit no less than (6) individual and identifiable (visible) portions of each entry in the official contest container. If you do not have enough individual pieces for each Judge to have one piece the Judge not having a piece to taste will give the contestant a score of (1) for taste and tenderness for that entry only. This will in no way penalize the other contestants who have properly submitted their entries, nor will it have any effect on your appearance score.

16. Marking or sculpting of any kind to the meat or the container is strictly prohibited. Aluminum foil is not permitted in the container. Any entry that does not comply with this rule will be given a score of (1) in Appearance, Taste & Tenderness/Texture.

17. Side-sauce containers will not be permitted in the meat judging containers. Meats may be presented with or without sauce as the Head-Cook wishes. Sauce cannot be pooled, or puddle in the container. The head cook & team must make the decision to use sauce on the entry or not.

18. Green leaf lettuce is the only garnish permitted. Any entry not comply with this rule will be given a one (1) on APPEARANCE score only. It will not disqualify your entry nor will it have any effect on the taste, or the tenderness & texture score.

19. Only one entry is allowed in any category for a team.

20. Only one team per booth. Two competing teams may not share the booth or cooking equipment.

21. Payment of your entry fee signifies that you have given the right to the Festival in the Park Committee and promoters to use any videos, photographs, recipes from the competition, and or publish any such items in the future. No refund of entry fee except at the discretion of the event promoters. Awards ceremony will follow the judging.

We wish this to be a family event. Safety is the most important issue.

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